It's time to take your writing to the next level

And I can show you how

I know how you feel. You want to write–nah, you have to write–because you’ve got a burning idea inside of you. You’ve had this idea for months, maybe years, but it’s stuck in your head and no amount of journaling or tweeting or explaining it to your friends can get it out.

Maybe you’ve tried to write it down before, but somewhere along the way you ran into writer’s block, then you got frustrated. And then you stopped writing altogether, even though you wished you would (or could).

I get it. Writing is hard, especially when you’re in school, work full-time, have a family, or all three. Finding time to write at the end of a long day can feel impossible, so instead of firing up your computer to work on your book or your blog (or that article idea you just can’t shake), you pour a glass of wine, fire up Netflix and binge watch the night away.

Still….you know you should be writing, you just don’t know how to get started, or stay motivated, until the work is done. 

That’s where I come in.

Stop dreaming, start writing

If you’ve got a burning desire to write, I can help. As a former public school teacher, I spent six years (officially) schooling teens and adults on the fine art of sentence making. And before that I wrote term papers, inter-office memos, employee handbooks, marketing copy, and poems for friends and colleagues who were—let’s just say—linguistically challenged. As a professional writer I’ve penned thousands of articles for both print and digital outlets, written several novels, and have helped other writers to do the same–both through private one-on-one sessions and through my group class.

In short, I specialize in helping people overcome what I call The big 3–writer’s block, procrastination, and self-doubt–plan projects, tighten up their skills, and get down to what they want to do most–write.

BTW, listen to this:

-From the Extraordinary Negroes podcast

Here’s how it works

First, shoot me an email (click here) and let me know what you’d like to work on. Want to improve your blog, work on an essay, write a short ebook, or improve your pitching skills in order to land higher paying writing assignments? Hit me up. We’ll trade a few emails and see if I’m the right fit to help you achieve your goals. Then, once you know I’m your woman, pick a coaching option below that works best for you.

If you have a larger scale project–like writing an entire book from idea to finished manuscript, working as a developmental or structural editor on a completed manuscript, or longterm writing coaching–email me (here) to chat about it.

Ready to get started? Pick a coaching package that’s best for you

Here’s the rundown:

By the hour: I get it, you don’t like to be tied down. This option gives you the flexibility to pop in and out for coaching whenever you need it.

The 2 Session package: Need some attention, but not too much? This option allows you to bend my ear and pick my brain for two whole hours (on two whole different days!).

The 4 Session package: Ok, you’re serious. You want my full attention, and honey…you got it. This package grants you four uninterrupted hours to really get to nitty gritty of your project. And I’m rolling up my sleeves already, because we’re going IN.

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Need something something different? Email me and we’ll figure it out.