In the summer of 2010 Britni Danielle took a leap of faith and taught herself the ins and outs of freelancing. Without the help of a journalism degree or any connections, she was able to establish herself as an in-demand writer whose work has been featured in Essence, Clutch Magazine, JET magazine, Vibe VixenBabyCenter, GOOD magazine, and Heart & Soul to name a few.

So you want to be a writer, eh?

But you've been told that in order to make it as a freelancer you should:

  1. Have a journalism degree
  2. Pen a jillion articles for publications that "pay" in exposure
  3. Give away your hard-earned words for free so you can get put on
  4. Be broke
  5. Not go into writing at all

But in the eloquent words of Ms. Sweet Brown:

“Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

You are a writer, dammit, you deserve to get paid.

I will show you how.

I've created a hands-on program that will help you go from zero writing clips to landing paid gigs in a super short time + give you invaluable insights directly from editors themselves. 

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